Hegro baking wall HRD13

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The Hegro Revolution Deluxe frying wall is a high efficiency (up to 92%) standard frying wall equipped with many luxury extras such as: its own illuminated logo, an LED light line, integrated pockets, an integrated receipt rail over the entire width, soft-close doors, electronic touchscreen control displays, balanced extraction system that requires up to 50% less capacity.

This frying wall is available in 17 standard versions and most are available directly from stock (or very quickly available).
In addition, additional options are available, such as a grease filter installation.
This baking wall is the solution for the professional who goes for very high quality with a high baking capacity and ease of use for a very competitive price.
The Hegro Revolution is the most unique HR baking wall on the market.

  • The Hegro Revolution Deluxe frying wall has a completely seamless top 2 mm. and is equipped with high efficiency fryers / boilers.
  • The rectangular HR 2 basket boiler has 2 stainless steel baskets and has a capacity of 28 liters and a capacity of 30 kW gas and is ideal for both snacks and chips.
  • Equipped with integrated receipt rail over the entire width.
  • Soft-close double-skin doors.
  • Equipped with your own illuminated logo in the HR baking wall.
  • LED light line lighting.
  • Electronic control displays.
  • Proven and widely acclaimed HR boiler technology.
  • Sublime finishing level (with all seams welded).
  • Easy to clean.
  • Grease filter tray on rails
  • Repository on rails

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Grease filter system
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  Hegro baking wall HRD13 Hegro baking wall HRD12
  Hegro baking wall HRD13 Hegro baking wall HRD12
Price € 41.950,00 € 41.950,00
Number of round HR boilers Ø 44 cm 3 3
Chrome mirror baking tray Yes Yes
Bain-marie 1/1 Gastronorm Yes Yes
Total width of frying system 2820 mm. 2820 mm.
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Number of round HR boilers Ø 44 cm3
Chrome mirror baking tray
Bain-marie 1/1 Gastronorm
Warranty1 jaar
Total width of frying system2820 mm.
Depth820 mm.
Height1820 mm.
Connection value90 kW Gas
Connection value3.6 kW + 2x 3 kW + 2 kW Electra
Voltage230 V.

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Hegro baking wall HRD13

€ 41.950,00
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